Premium Refund
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When submitting your premium refund request, please include:
  1. a fully completed and signed Refund Request Form; and

  2. a copy of confirmation of coverage; and

  3. confirmation of your early departure such as boarding pass or itinerary, or any other written proof of your early return to your country of origin; and

  4. any other documentation to support your refund request.

Refunds are payable when:

  1. The entire trip is cancelled prior to the effective date.

  2. You return to your country of origin prior to the expiry date, without intending to return to Canada. Refunds are not payable for time spent in your country of origin between visits to Canada.

  3. You become insured under a Canadian provincial or territorial health/medical plan.

Premium refunds, regardless of method of payment, must be obtained from the agent where coverage was originally purchased unless purchased directly from AGA. There will be no refund of premium if a claim has been made. Refunds are payable from the date we receive the request. Refunds for partial cancellations will be calculated by multiplying the daily premium by the actual number of days the policy was in effect; if this amount is less than the minimum premium required, the minimum premium will be used. This amount is then subtracted from the total premium paid. The refund will be calculated based on the date the refund request is received by AGA. A refund fee in the amount of $25 will apply. Refund amounts less than the minimum premium will not be issued.

Refund Request Form

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